Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Looking for a Freelance website developer in Delhi – India

Websites have become face of the businesses in the current Digital Era. You need a good website to promote your business irrespective of your products or services. It is very imperative to put all the essential information on the website so that people could learn more about your business easily. After going through the website, visitors or more precisely potential customers might get transformed into real customers or clients. Hence, you must have a website dedicated to your business.

How to develop a Website?

Websites are developed by professional website developers. You might take services from a web development company or hire freelance website developer in Delhi to develop website for you. But before going to any of them you must keep some very simple things in mind. For starters, you need to brainstorm about the design and development of the website. You must go through the websites of other companies who are your competitors and already established in the field.  The design should be such that visitors find the design engaging and informative at the same time. It is not feasible and also a not good practice to put all the information in a single page which means there would be more than one pages and visitor must be able to navigate to all the pages. They must be able to locate the information on your website whatever information they are looking for. Navigation from one page to next page must be very smooth i.e. load time must be very fast.

The Selection of Language and Framework

There are many programming languages and plenty of frameworks available in the market to develop websites. PHP is one such language. The best part about PHP is the numbers of websites that are built on this language are very high. You can find Freelance PHP developer in Delhi or India very easily. WordPress is the CMS and Magento is the framework and they are developed on PHP. The sole purpose of WordPress when it hit the market was blogging but over the time, developers of this framework upgraded it and now WordPress is used to develop all kinds of website. Although there are many WordPress development companies but freelance WordPress developer in Delhi is first choice for the job as they comparatively charge a little less and do the work in required time. E-Commerce websites can also be developed using WordPress but this is not technically feasible when you want some advance features in your E-Commerce site. Magento is the right choice in such cases as the agenda for developing Magento Framework was to create such a platform which would make E-Commerce Website Development a piece of cake. Many professional website companies offer Magento Website services but if your budget is a little low in the beginning then you must go for freelance Magento developer in Delhi.
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